Things From Another World is an awesome site to order your favorite comic books. They also offer toys and games and many other comic related items. Your can check out their Deal of the Day or set up a subscription service. There are many discounts on everything from pre-orders, nick and dent sales and web specials.

Comic Books – New Releases

One cool site feature is the arriving this week page. You can browse everything coming that week and see if there is something you missed. The only problem is you may have to back order an issue if it is already sold out. So its best to try and get ahead on your order. You can also see what came out last week and what is coming the next week.

Discounts and Web Specials

You can search through these deals to get 30%, 50% or even 75% off comics, manga, and toys. You can find many comics for $1.00, you can find what you’re looking for at rock bottom prices.