CBD Biocare

CBD Biocare offers many products that contain CBD oil. There are many uses for CBD that include reduced inflammation, stress and anxiety, muscle spasms and as a pain reliever. CBD oil contains very little to no THC and cannot intoxicate you when you use it. It also does not show in drug testing as the amount of THC is less than 0.3%. We use it and we’re enjoying the benefits so far.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The Full Spectrom CBD Oil comes in different strengths and two flavors. You can start with the 500mg oil and see how it works for you. The 1000mg, 1500mg and 3500mg options just increase the concentration of CBD in each bottle. Each bottle is the same size. So if you find it works for you, but you are taking a full dropper each night, you can go up in concentration and take less. The flavors are original and peppermint.

CBD Oil Pain Relief Balms and Roll Ons

CBD Pain Balm and Roll On
The pain balms and roll on products provide cooling relief for muscle and joint pain. There are no overpowering perfumes or odors. That’s great for people like me that has allergies and gets migraines from strong smells. The pain balm also contains Emu oil. Emu oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory and it protects and moisturizes the skin. Whether its an injury, arthritis, or general aches and pains, CBD Biocare has you covered.

CBD Skin Care and Beauty Products

CBD Skin and BeautyCBD Biocare offers a few products for skin care and beauty. First is the facial cleansing scrub with with Apricot shell and Ylang Ylang. All of the natural ingredients have different benefits from anti-inflammatory to anti-bacterial. The all natural ageless cream is made with shea butter, arnica, and pomegranate seed. This cream you can feel confident putting on every night.

Other CBD Product

CBD Biocare also offer pet products for all your furry friends. Any creature that has a spine can benefit from the effects of CBD. You can also become a sales associate by signing up and promoting products. Just Click Here and fill out the form to get started.

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