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One of the ways you can support this site is to Donate to our Adoption. Lifesong for Orphans is an organization that provides funding for International Adoptions. Their mission is to care for orphans and pledge that 100% of donations go to the care of orphans. You can feel comfortable giving through Lifesong, knowing that there are no administration fees are paid from your gifts. We have been awarded a matching grant for our family. This means that your gift will be matched by a grant up to $3,000. And any disbursements go directly to the adoption agency for fees incurred in the process.

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We have completed our home study and dossier. Our I-800 is out and paid for, we are just waiting for that approval. We have a child that is matched to our family. ICAB has yet to approve us for adoption of that child but it should come soon. After approval we will receive a travel date from ICAB to travel to the Philippines. Once we return to the U.S., we then have 6 months of post adoption visits and citizenship acquire. So we have come along way but still have far to go.

Other ways you can help with the site is to click a link provided in any article and purchase something from the site it leads to. So if you are enjoying an article about a particular book and you want to catch up or start pulling that series, click the links to or and if you make a purchase, I could receive a commission for the referral. And if nothing else, just leave a comment or share a post so others can see what I’ve got going. So please do what you can to help out. Thanks for reading.

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