You Promised Me Darkness #1

You Promised Me Darkness 1
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Things From Another World has an exclusive pre-order available while supply lasts in You Promised Me Darkness #1. This first issue has a variant cover by creator artist Adam Borden than can only be gotten from Only 400 copies are available for pre-order so get yours before it is too late.

You Promised Me Darkness #1

Approximately every 75 years, Halley’s Comet orbits around the sun, and every time this happens people around the world are born with incredible abilities, special auras that grant them with supernatural skills, but those auras can also be cursed. Yuko and Sebastian, two siblings with special auras are constantly running from an evil being, known as the ‘Anti-everything,’ who feeds from these special auras, getting stronger with each intake. This being is obsessed with these brothers’ auras and will not stop until he feasts on them.

You Promised Me Darkness #1 (Borden TFAW Exclusive)
You Promised Me Darkness #1 (Borden TFAW Exclusive)

from: Things From Another World


Writer: Damian Connelly
Artist: Adam Borden

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