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Stranger Things: Into the Fire #4

Stranger Things: Into the Fire 4

Ricky and Marcy have finally caught up to Jamie in Stranger Things: Into the Fire #4. But Jamie has ran from the hospital she just set on fire. Jamie’s delusion makes her believe that she cannot escaper her powers. Can Marcy even break through to her once they catch up? And what horrible things will Ricky do with his powers to protect his new family?

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #4

This has been another amazing mini-series following the universe of Stranger Things. Any fan of the Netflix Series should pick these four issues up and read them. Don’t forget to go back and read the previous series Six. It follows one of the kids kept at the Hawkins Lab just before Eleven arrives. Nothing is better as you wait for the next season than to dive deeper into the universe of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things

Check out more issues in stock at They normally have many of the current issues in stock.

If you’re looking for older issues, your best bet may be They have auctions and tons of other ways to buy some back issues and even current ones.

If you can’t find anything you’re looking for in physical format, Comixology is a great digital comic spot to checkout. All three have subscription services so that you never miss a new issue.


Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Ryan Kelly & Le Beau Underwood
Colors: Riona Farrell
Letters: Nate Piekos

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