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Adventureman #1

Adventureman 1

We are introduced to a whole new set of heroes in Adventureman #1. And no sooner than we meet them, they are fighting against the end of the world. But that is just a story from a book read by a mother to her son. Ultimately, just a lovely fictional tale of a group of uniquely talented people powered by a super serum. Or is it?

Adventureman #1

In a word, this jumbo first issue of Adventureman was impressive. I purposely did not read much about it leading up to reading the actual comic. As a result, I went into reading this sort of blind. The surprise of reading something so unique was worth it. That is to say this is going to be a good series to pick up. Plus it’s rated 9+ so Its good to read with your kids if you’re inclined.


Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Rachel Dodson, Terry Dodson
Colors: Terry Dodson
Letters: Clayton Cowles

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