Keanu Reeves’ Comic Debut


Out today in comics stores near you is BRZRKR #1, the debut of Keanu Reeves in writing comics. This action adventure will feature a half-mortal and half-god man named Berzerker. He cannot be killed and has therefore been locked in endless bloody battles for centuries. Now he is tasked with working with the US government in exchange for the truth about his existence, including how to end it.

Time is a funny thing.

Keanu Reeves’ writing debut

I totally missed this as far as my pull list for this week. But I’m definitely going to pick it up if I get the chance. One, I’m a huge fan of Keanu. From his movies and just as a human being. Everything you read about the guy personally is that he is just an awesome dude. And secondly, this looks like a really good story. I can’t wait to dive in.


I haven’t personally seen a lot of negativity regarding this series in particular. But in the past, celebrities writing comics has caused a bit of a stir. People complained when JJ Abrams and his son started their Spider-Man series. Many said that there were plenty of comic writers that had been working hard to get their own series published. But regardless of whether people complain or not, I’m looking forward to this one.


Check out more issues in stock at They normally have many of the current issues in stock.

If you’re looking for older issues, your best bet may be They have auctions and tons of other ways to buy some back issues and even current ones.

If you can’t find anything you’re looking for in physical format, Comixology is a great digital comic spot to checkout. All three have subscription services so that you never miss a new issue.


Writer: Keanu Reeves & Matt Kindt Artist: Ron Garney
Colors: Bill Crabtree Letters:

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