Suicide Squad #5

Suicide Squad 5
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Task Force X has tracked down Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad #5. But he has set a trap for them. And they might no all make it back in one piece. Meanwhile, Lok is still relentless on his demands to bring Boomerang in alive. He knows they are up to something, but knowing a proving are two very different things.

Been running my whole life

Suicide Squad #5

Taylor has a ton of action in this issue. It picks up right where issue 4 left us. The art and the story are pretty brutal. Taylor is not shying away from the killing and maiming in this series at all. It was very entertaining. You feel the anger and fear the Suicide Squad is going through. The little bits of Jog backstory were pretty cool too.

Suicide Squad 4Suicide Squad

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Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Bruno Redondo
Colors: Adriano Lucas Letters: Wes Abbott

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