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Batman #91

The Joker is mobilizing his grand scheme for Gotham in Batman #91. But with the help of Harley Quin and Catwoman, maybe he can stop it. At the time of the Designer’s plans, there were four villains with higher asperations. But with Penguin and Catwoman out of the picture, only Joker and Riddler are left. And they have a Jokerized GCPD army.

Batman #91

The “Their Dark Designs” story arc is really starting to heat up. It really gets you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. In this issue we find out what each crook designed to do in the original plans. But with Joker running the show, who knows what his end game is going to be.


from: Things From Another World


Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
Colors: Tomeu Morey Letters: Clayton Cowles

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