Aero #9

Aero 9

Zou Yu and Lie Ling finally have time to sit and talk about the last few days in Aero #9. Can they repair their strained relationship at the place they first met? Is it even possible to have an uninterrupted evening without Lie Ling having to run off to save the city as Aero? Mr. Ke and his crew decide to ignore all the warnings an profit off the Jade Tower that appeared on his property. But Aero tries to use her new found ability to stop the tower and stay with Zou Yu at the same time. Plus, Shanghai gets a visit from one of the Avengers.

Where they first met.

Aero #9

This was a good change of pace issue. I like that they are trying to iron out the relationship angle of Lie Ling and Zhou you. At some point it was going to have to be addressed. I’m surprised they haven’t revealed Aero’s identity to Yu yet. They were so close to just a few issues ago. But I think its better to draw that aspect of super hero life out a bit. I still love Keng’s still art more than the action panels. The way the motion is drawn tends to take away from the beauty of the character are for me.

Aero 9 Aero

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Writer: Zhou Liefen Artist: Keng
Colors: Keng Letters: Joe Caramagna & Joe Sabino

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