Superman #21

Superman 21

Superman is maybe the only one who can stop Mongul in Superman #21. With the United Planets fighting amongst themselves, it appears Mongul got just what he wanted. But as things start to settle, the Justice League lends a hand to bring back peace to the United Planets. And the convince Superman that he is needed back on Earth with Lois. As a new controversy brews in Metropolis, Mongul may have some other trickery up his sleeve.

Admit defeat and go home!

Superman #21

I’m not a huge fan of the United Planets story arc anyway, so seeing it come to an apparent end is good for me. I do really like where the twist back on Earth is headed. Could be looking at a very intriguing controversy ahead for Superman and Lois. Remember, the secret is out for Clark/Superman. So now that people know, they are going to come after Lois and Clark for who knows how many reasons.

Invisible Woman 3Invisible Woman

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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Ivan Reis
Colors: Alex Sinclair Letters: Dave Sharpe

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