The Flash #88

The Flash #88

Its a new era for the Flash and Central City in The Flash #88. This Flash Age prelude is all about a new villain called Paradox. We are taken back to the night the lightening changed Barry Allen’s life. I apparently changed another mans life that we have previously been unaware. But it wasn’t until Flash fought King Turtle and moved time forward that this new villains power resurfaced. And with a warning from the Future Barry, it looks like the cure for the time loop may have created a bigger problem.

Barry has a chance meeting with a future villain.
The Flash #88

Joshua Williamson continues to be one of my favorite writers doing DC books right now. While I’m actually glad Rogue’s Reign is over, this new arc looks to be really fun. Who doesn’t like exploring time travel anyway? Porters artwork continues to impress me. Paradox looks to be a very interesting new character. And this is the last issue before numbering reverts to the legacy #750.


Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Howard Porter
Colors: Hi-Fi Letters: Steve Wands

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