Sword Master #8

Sword Master #8

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Lin Lie and Ji Shuangshuang have got to find a way to defeat a horde of demons in Sword Master #8. If not, they will get closer to resurrecting Chiyou and ending the world as we know it. But Lie still cannot control the sword. And Shuangshuang is not a very patient teacher when it comes to fighting demons. So he can find a way to control the sword and fight to keep the puzzle box, he may make an ally that can help him find answers about his father. Even if she is really reluctant to let him keep the sword and the box.

The Sword saves Lin Lie from certain death
Sword Master #8

Although the story is still moving rather slowly, I feel like a decent jump forward was made in this issue. I’m continued to be impressed with Gunji’s artwork. I appreciate some of the things that are done for comedic purposes with Lin Lie. I like this origin story so far but I’m also anxious to see how some of the characters and lore fit into the greater Marvel Universe.


Writer: Shuizhu Artist: Gunji
Colors: Gunji Letters: Travis Lanham

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