Batman #87

Batman #87

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Someone else has plans for a new Gotham City in Batman #87. A group of assassins have all converged on the city, but Batman has gotten the better of them. Or has he? With the Slade and the others in a facility designed to hold the worst of the worst, how can they get to Bruce Wayne now? But maybe that was the plan all along. Bat and Cat have to figure out how to get ahead of the Designer before it is too late. And the find themselves in a Gotham City run by villains again.

Riddler contacts Penguin
Batman #87

So far the James Tynion IV’s run on Batman has my attention. The mystery surrounding the Designer’s identity has me on the hook right now. Plus how much does Catwoman know and when will Bruce find out about her roll. The are was good from March. I did not particularly like the naked Riddler. That was just creepy looking. No actual nudity but he was definitely not clothed. Penguin was pretty disturbing looking as well, but at least he was clothed. I’m anxious to see how this story line progresses.


from: Things From Another World


Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Guillem March
Colors: Tomeu Morey Letters: Clayton Cowles

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