Ghost-Spider #6

Ghost-Spider #6

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Gwen takes a break after the run in with Earth-616’s version of the Jackal that put her bandmates in danger in Ghost-Spider #6. And in doing so she exploits her powers to concert hope in other dimensions with Mary Jane and the others. Hopefully there are no multiverse altering shenanigans coming out of this. Plus we get a look at the Earth-65 version of Johnny and Sue Storm. They aren’t super-heroes in this reality. Something happened to them 5 years ago and that story may just come to light now.

Gwen and the Mary Janes
Ghost-Spider #6

This issue was a nice change of pace after the intense run-in with Miles Warren. Gwen uses her dimension hopping powers to take the Mary Janes to concerts on other Earths. We know that the Jackal is not done with Gwen but while things are quiet, she gets some good quality time. The best part of this issue is the introduction of Johnny and Sue Storm as social media influencers who disappeared five years ago. This new twist is going to be exciting to see if the Fantasic Four, or some version of them appear on Earth-65.

Ghost-Spider - Marvel
Ghost-Spider - Marvel

from: Things From Another World


Writer: Seanan McGuire Artist: Ig Guara & Rosi Kampe
Colors: Ian Herrring Letters: Clayton Cowles

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