Fallen Angels #5

Fallen Angels #5

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Psylocke and her team are back in Krakoa in Fallen Angels #5. They had an encounter with Apoth and the children he is using to do his bidding. Now the must regroup and recruit more allies to fight him where he lives. Sinister offers the tech to enter the world of a digital god. And Magneto provides the transportation to rain fire on Apoth’s epicenter. With new allies Husk and Bling, they are set to find and destroy Apoth. But they don’t even have to fight for the humans anymore. Apoth cannot enter Krakoa so he poses no threat. But this group of Angels are determined to fight for justice.

X-23 has gathered the team
Fallen Angels #5

This was a really good issue, setting up for what appears to be the final assault on Apoth. X-23 gathering more mutants to fight with them is awesome. People don’t know Kwannon so it would be hard for them to follow her without Laura’s influence. Cable was let go to return to Krakoa, so Apoth must know they are coming for him. It will be interesting how they will be able to fight this digital god.

The art is wonderful. I love how Kudranski sets the characters apart from the background. The colors are beautiful. I like the transition from the vibrant Krakoan scenery to the the darkness of Bar Sinister and the dwelling of Apoth. It looks like next issue is the end for Fallen Angels. So it’s exciting to see how this will end.

Fallen Angels - Marvel
Fallen Angels - Marvel

from: Things From Another World


Writer: Bryan Hill Artist: Szymon Kudranski
Colors: Frank D’Armata Letters: Joe Sabino

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