Batman #86

Batman #86

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Alfred is gone but Batman has regained control of Gotham City in Batman #86. New writer James Tynion IV begins his tenor as the main Batman title writer. And some one has their own ideas for the future of Gotham. The world’s greatest assassins are gathering for something big. With the biggest name of them all, Deathstroke, coming after Bruce Wayne. But can Batman function without his old mentor to help guide him? Lucius steps into that roll and he’s got some new gadgets for the Caped Crusader. It’s a new era in Gotham City.

Batman visits the hospital site
Batman #86

James Tynion IV begins his run on the main Batman title by having Bruce Wayne attempting the put Gotham back together. Lucius is taking over as his guide and has some new toys to help with the rebuild. This is a strong beginning to a new era. The battle with Deathstroke is pretty epic. And everyone’s new rolls are coming together. The only question is how will Bruce rebuild Gotham so that the City can prosper in the wake of the City of Bane. I really like the art from Tony S. Daniel. And Morey’s colors are excellent as always.

The epilogue is very interesting. Without giving it away, it looks like someone we thought was dead is back in Gotham. Something from the past may be coming back to haunt one of our heroes.


from: Things From Another World


Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Colors: Tomeu Morey Letters: Clayton Cowles

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