Firefly #12

Firefly #12

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The crew of Serenity is back in Serenity Valley with Unificators and Browncoats ready for a war in Firefly #12. But Mal has a plan to prevent it, as long as his crew is behind him.  The power hungry Alliance Governor has plans to use Land Burners to destroy the Browncoasts once and for all. And Mal has to convince Boss Moon to help him once again to save them. Since the Land Burners won’t just kill the Browncoats, they can destroy a planet. But if they fail, the second battle of Serenity Valley will be much like the first for the Browncoats.

Mal meets with Boss MoonFirefly #12

The untold adventures of the Serenity crew are still just as fun as they were with the show. I do wish the crew were together more. Mal has been separated from Zoe and the crew for most of the issues in the series. And I would like to see more out of some of the fan favorite characters like Wash, Jayne and Kaylee. But some interesting new characters have emerged. Like Leonard, the bandit that stole Kaylee’s heart. And of course Ma Reynolds. Her one shot is going to be something interesting.


from: Things From Another World


Writer: Greg Pak Artist: Dan McDaid
Colors: Marcelo Costa Letters: Jim Campbell

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