Gung-Ho #1

Gung-Ho #1

Archer and Zach Goodwoody are orphaned brothers in a post-apocalyptic society in Gung-Ho #1. The “White Plague” has decimated the world and the only safe places are small fortified cities. But these two are lazy rebellious teens that have been shipped to Settlement 16, Fort Apache as their last chance. The next stop for them is out in the wilderness alone. Can they get it together in Fort Apache?

Archer annoys his transport team

Gung-Ho #1

Being advertised as the “spiritual successor” to The Walking Dead, I have to assume the White Plague has some sort of zombie effect on the population. But judging from some of the cover art for future issues, it appears more like a werewolf-esque plague. We did not get to see the monsters in this issue. But we know they have build fortified cities to keep something out. Our two teens will have to follow Ms. Kingstens’ rules while also dealing with the town magistrate, Mr Bagster. It appears that Bagster is going to do everything he can to make them miserable.

I liked this first issue. The art is amazing. It really captures the dirty feel of a collapses society while also being really colorful and vibrant. It’s definitely going to be a mature book. Language is the biggest thing but I have a feeling there will be plenty of blood and gore in the future.


Writer: Benjamin Von Eckartsberg Artist: Thomas Von Kummant

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