Angel #8

Angel #8

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The 10th installment of the Buffy and Angel crossover event, Hellmouth, Angel #8 is the search for Winifred Burkle. Wolfram and Hart have taken her to Baphomet in order to turn her to their side. But its up to Spike and Gunn to bring her back. With Angel still inside the Hellmouth, Our two heroes are the only thing left to protect Los Angeles. And if they are too late, Fred may become something far more sinister than they could have imagined.

Spike and Gunn search for weapons

Angel #8

Angel has quickly become my favorite of the Whedonverse reboots by Boom Studios. Melnikov’s art is always really good. I saw on twitter his desire to make Spike even more punk rock with generic punk band shirts. This issue he sports a Taking Back Sunnydale shirt. I like how Hill is developing Spike, who was my favorite character from the TV show. I also really like his take on Gunn, who I didn’t really care for that much in the show. His story is really compelling. It looks like we will not get another Angel issue until February, after the Hellmouth event is over.

Angel - Boom Studios
Angel - Boom Studios

from: Things From Another World


Writer: Bryan Edward Hill Artist: Gleb Melnikov
Colors: Roman Titov Letters: Ed Dukeshire

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