The Flash #84

The Flash #84

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King Cold still has control of Central City in The Flash #84. But his own sister, Glider, has freed Flash from his prison in order to stop him. But in order to do that, they are going to need the other mirror fragments from the rest of the Rogues. The first stop in Rogues’ Reign part three is Weather Wizard’s home. Convincing him to help, or at least not stop them, will be hard with the power inhibitors around their neck. The Speed Force is too strong for the Flash Family to function with out them. Can they use Lex Luthors lies to convince the Rogues to stop the end of the World?

The Flash Family in the storm
The Flash #84

I’m a little over the whole “Year of the Villains”, but The Flash continues to deliver. The story is progressing at a decent pace. The Speed Force being super charge to the point they can’t use it is a good obstacle they have to overcome. The entire Flash Family has to re-learn how to use their speed. It’s in the middle of a story arc so now’s not the best time to jump in if you’re looking. I imagine we will get a fresh start after the new year sometime. I really liked Duce’s art for this issue. I’m not familiar with him on this series so it was a nice change but not too drastic that I didn’t recognized the series. This is a good arc that is going to have an interesting conclusion.

Flash - DC
Flash - DC

from: Things From Another World

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Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Christian Duce
Colors: Luis Guerrero Letters: Steve Wands

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