Superman to reveal his secret to the World?!

Superman #18

Will Superman reveal his secret to the world in Superman #18? Superman’s life has been extremely complicated as of late. Leviathan has turned the World’s spy organizations up side down and murdered Lois’ father. Their son, Jon, has joined the furture’s premier superhero group in the Legion of Superheroes. And his father was sent back to Krypton on the day it exploded, essentially a death sentence for his actions surrounding the destruction of Krypton. But what else is bothering Superman that he cannot quite shake?

Superman's press conference

Spoilers ahead for Superman #18

What’s eating at Superman?

With all that drama going on in Superman’s life, it’s understandable he’s starting to question his decisions in life. Back on Thanagar, Superman has a conversation with Adam Strange about a dilemma he’s having. He’s having trouble living with secrets, any secrets, because that’s what happened to Jor-El. It all started with one little secret. And if we’re honest, that’s always how things tend to spiral. One little secret becomes two, or three, and just grows from there. So while the secret identity has had a purpose for a long time, maybe that secret has run it’s course. Maybe it is time for Superman to reveal his biggest secret to the World and clear his conscience.

Superman to reveal his Secret Identity

After the conversation with Adam Strange, Superman is content with the decision he has made. First he meets with Perry White to tell him. There’s no dialogue, but it feels pretty emotional from the panels. Next on his list it his old pal Jimmy Olsen. But who cares about Superman with glasses on? Unfortunately, Lois stole his thunder with Jimmy and told him first. Next is a press conference for the rest of the World. He plans to remain a journalist. It hardly seems fair now that everyone knows his source is super hearing and x-ray vision. But now the villains know his secret too. And how did Lex Luthor no see this coming? Or did he?


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Colors: Alex Sinclair Letters: Dave Sharpe

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