A twist on the Fantastic Four Origin revealed!

Fantastic Four #17

A new twist to the Fantastic Four Origin has been revealed in Fantastic Four #17. They have revisited the mission that lead to their heroic change. But this time they succeeded in finding the planet similar to Earth they set out to find before. And what they found was a planet full of people that had legends of their arrival. Legends that said they would come to destroy the planet of Spyre and all it’s inhabitants. So it’s up to the Fantastic Four to convince the people of Spyre they come in peace.

The Fantastic Four told in legends
Spoilers for Fantastic Four #17

Point of Origin Part Four: Secret Agenda

Things have gotten really complicated since they crash landed on the planet Spyre. Ben was tossed down to Lowtown. Down there he finds that the populations “undesirables” are banished down there while the elite stay up in Hightown. But Ben has better ideas for a perfect society that includes everyone. Johnny has apparently met his soul mate. And he is seemingly ready to get hitched pretty quick. One of the cities heroes has foreseen that they were meant to be together and he feels it too. Sue and Reed were almost convinced that they could have some peace with the Overseer, but hes tells them they can never leave. And that doesn’t go over well.

Spyre’s Heroes

The Unparalleled is name given to Spyre’s greatest heroes. On the surface, it appears that this Capital City is a perfect society guarded by amazing heroes. But the FF didn’t have to dig very deep to figure out that the Overseer used cosmic radiation on he own people to create these heroes. And, in doing so, trained his people to fight the Fantastic Four, or “Fore-Told”, upon their return. But there is still something more sinister behind the Overseer’s plot.

The real Origin of the Fantastic Four

As it turns out, the cosmic radiation that turned Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben into the Fantastic Four was no accident. The Overseer had harnessed the radiation and used it as a weapon to attack their ship. They would have succeeded on their first mission had it no been for his interference. And then his used the fear of their return to use the radiation on his own people. And when it turned them into undesirable mutations, he sent them down to Lowtown. So what will happen now that the Fantastic Four know their true Origin.


Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Luciano Vecchio & Carlos Magno
Colors: Erick Arciniega Letters: Travis Lanham

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