Black Widow 2020

Black Widow Trailer confirms villain and other characters

The first trailer 2020’s Black Widow standalone movie has been released. The villain and main players are confirmed, but are there more surprises coming? This movie, of course, happens in the past. You’d know that if you’ve seen Avengers: End Game but in case you haven’t, for goodness sake get your free trial of Disney+ and watch it. So watch the trailer below and stay for some discussion on what we know so far.

Black Widow Teaser Trailer Breakdown

At first we see some scenes we know from previous MCU movies. The opening dialogue is from End Game in particular. There’s a fly by scene of Budapest. Full disclosure, I only know that because of Insiders breakdown of the trailer. I have no idea what Budapest looks like. But anyway, maybe we will get some explanation of what happened there with Black Widow and Hawkeye. But so far Jeremy Renner is not said to be in the movie. And then we get some character introductions.

First is the woman Natasha refers to as “Sis”. A look at the IMDb page gives us some insight. Played by Florence Pugh, this character is Yelena Belova. Another spy that was trained in the Red Room with Natasha. An then there is my favorite guy in the trailer. David Harbour is playing the Red Gardian/Alexei Shostakov. So this is what happened to Hopper after Stranger Things Season 3. He became a Russian superhero. There are also other characters vaguely revealed but nothing really concrete. We see what appears to be Task Master shooting a bow but there is no confirmation who is playing that character. For an even deeper break down, check out Insiders’ Characters Explained video.


Is Tony Stark in Black Widow?

While the trailer gives no indication that Robert Downey Jr. will be in the movie, he is listed on the IMDb page for now. He is rumored to play Tony Stark again for this movie but who knows how likely that is. He seemed pretty ready to move on from the character after End Game. But with the past time line, it is completely plausible to have a brief Tony Stark appearance.

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