The Last God 2

The Last God #2

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The Plague of Flowers has returned to Cain Anuun in The Last God #2. But even worse, Mol Uhltep has taken control of King Tyr and destroyed the Palace. Queen Cyanthe must leave her home behind with Veikko and a newly freed gladiator. Veikko has a plan to head back to the Black Stair but she will need all the original warriors still living. And Cyanthe is not happy to leave her home to the Plague. But to defeat Mol Uhltep, they cannot stay and fight in the over run city.

Tyr and reavers enter a village

The Last God #2

This series by DC’s Black Label is really deep and well thought out so far. I mean, there is a cartographer in the credits if that tells you anything. There are ancient songs in the back of the issue and some history of the world we are reading about. My only problem is the language is definitely of a mature nature. It feels a little unnecessary at times too. But if language doesn’t bother you, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The art work in incredible. It’s dark and gritty. The fight scenes are brutal and gory. The monsters are basically plant zombies and they are terrifying. I like that they call this freaking crazy fast spreading demon-zombie outbreak “The Plague of Flowers”. It’s pretty twisted. If you enjoy fantasy comics or stories, and you’re not bother by mature language and gory violence, this should be a good read for you. I haven’t even dug into the song lyrics, poems and short stories in the back of the issue. But I’m already excited for the next issue.


Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Artist: Riccardo Federici
Colors: Sunny Gho Letters: Tom Napolitano

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