Amazing Spider-Man 34

Amazing Spider-Man #34

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The 2099 event is in full swing in Amazing Spider-Man #34. Miguel O’Hara has traveled back in time to find Peter and stop their timeline from collapsing. But he doesn’t have much time to explain all that is going on. Plus, Peter is unaware that Countess Karkov and Chameleon have a plot to assassinate Doctor Doom. And thus start a war between Symkaria and Latveria. All this and the “Clairvoyant” device created by Peter’s classmate Jamie must be connected somehow.

Miguel O'Hara searchs for Peter

Amazing Spider-Man #34

This was a very fun and well paced issue. We have three different story lines all woven into a pretty seamless, coherent whole. My only gripe is that this event has so many issues tying into it that we’re probably not going to get the full story unless we read them all. Amazing Spider-Man #35 will continue the 2099 event as well as 2099 Alpha. I’m not reading Alpha so I may miss a little bit but I’m going to continue with the main ASM series. ASM #36 will finish up the event for those looking to jump in on Amazing Spider-Man, but don’t want to get in the middle of a story arc.

Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man

from: Things From Another World


Writer: Nick Spencer Artist: Patrick Gleason
Colors: Matthew Wilson Letters: Joe Caramagna

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