Aero 5

Aero #5

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Aero #5 has Lei Ling facing a white jade tower with creatures swarming around it in “Secrets of the Crystal Tower”. Zuo Yu was about to pop the question when a ferry was attacked near the restaurant they were eating. And now she has to find out how to destroy the crystal tower and return to her date. But also Ling need to figure out how to navigate the looming proposal she’s not ready for. Plus Aero and Wave fight to protect an underwater city.

Aero avoiding the proposal

I really wish Aero and Wave would be two separate titles. They feel like they have so much potential that they need their own stories. But like they are right now, there’s just not much development between issues because of they split their time. And the whole story moves incredibly slow when you have to pack two into one. I definitely still like the Origins and Destinies art better from Pop Mhan. But if you’re into the more Manga style art, Keng’s work is pretty good.

Aero and Wave underwater


Writer: Zhou Leifen & Greg Pak Artist: Keng & Pop Mhan
Colors: Federico Blee Letters: Joe Caramagna

Aero #5

As if Lie Ling didn’t have enough on her plate, her mom calls in the middle of a battle with a white jade tower. Of course mom is concerned about Ling not being married yet. Which is great timing with Zuo Yu still waiting to pop the question. Aero finds that by removing on piece of the tower, the whole thing collapses. It doesn’t make a ton of sense but she takes the win. She returns to her diner date where Yu pops a different question. “Are you Aero?” What will she tell him?

In Origins and Destinies part 5, Aero and Wave are dragged into a war between AlonTech and a city of sirena. But they find out the real reason for the conflict. The head of AlonTech is also a sirena and she has been trying to make herself and her people stronger to fight off attacks from Atlantis. One of her biggest successes was Wave. And now she is going to attempt to take back the powers she gave Wave and take on Atlantis.

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