Spider-Verse #2

Spider-Verse 2

Miles is the only one in the multiverse who can find Annie May Parker and heal the Web of Life and Destiny in Spider-Verse #2. But as hes sets out into the multiverse, he has no idea where he will be landing next, or what he will find when he gets there. This trip lands him in the universe where Spider-Ma’am is May Parker. She, Ben and Peter work together in their version of New York. But as Peter starts to unravel the secrets of the multi-verse, so do evil versions of themselves.

This is a very interesting mini-series. You get to see many different version of the web-slinger that you may not have thought of before. It is very much like the Exiles series, also from Marvel. But instead of mutants we get Spider-People. I’m not going to say I love it. I’d prefer a little more coherent story. But the ideas are thought provoking to say the least. So if you liked Into the Spider-Verse or you’re just into all things Spider-Man, get this mini-series while its fresh.

Mile and May fight together


Writer: Ryan North Artist: Pere Perez
Colors: Marte Gracia Letters: Joe Sabino

Spider-Verse #2

We get a few pages of introduction into the Spider-Ma’am universe before Miles is introduced. Apparently in this version of Earth, May Parker is the one who is bitten by the radio active spider. In the introduction, it mentions that her decision to save tend to Peter instead of stopping a burglar ends with Ben being killed. After that, she vows to protect everyone, not just her genius nephew. But this particular story takes place before that with Ben still alive.

This version of Peter begins to theorize that in an infinite multiverse, there are evil opposite versions of themselves. Just then, those opposite versions burst through a dimensional tear and attack. It’s hard to say if the theories are true or not. If ever decision everyone makes spins another universe with opposite decisions made, then there is no end to the multiverse and no decision really matters. Or, if you believe May Parker, then every decision matters. Its all hard to really sit down and wrap your mind around.

Spider-Verse - Marvel
Spider-Verse – Marvel

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