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RWBY #1 is the comic book adaptation of the hit Rooster Teeth series. This comic issue introduces us to the characters and future fantasy world of Remnant. The 7 issue mini-series tie in starts here. There are tons of crazy monsters, awesome weapons and cool powers to keep you entertained. The Beacon academy is training Huntsmen and Huntresses to fight the evils that plague this world. Our hero Huntresses fight the Grimm and keep their world save.

Having not seen the series, it is hard to say how closely the comic adaptation is going to follow the series. But, you can check out the series at As for the comic, it’s pretty good. Its a lot packed into a first issue. In Prologue: The Elegy, you get an introduction to the characters and the world in which they are living. A splinter group called the White Fang unleashed Grimm on Beacon Academy. After the battle of Beacon Academy, team RWBY is split up. There is a small interlude covering Ruby’s past but then we’re back in the present. With Ruby leading another team. To find out who send the White Fang into the Beacon Academy.

Ruby fighting Grimm


Writer: Marguerite Bennet Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Colors: Arif Prianto Letters: Gabriela Downie


There is so much packed in this first issue, its hard to go over it all. Team RWBY is devastated by the Battle of Beacon Academy. Yang lost her arm in the battle. Wiess is dragged back home to her family. And Blake has run away to the Harbour of Vale. Ruby forms a new team to go after the White Fang while Yang heals up. You can check out the introductory trailers below from the Rooster Teeth YouTube Channel.

I like the comic book series so far. I’m hoping that it turns into somewhat of an ongoing series after the initial 7 issues. The series also looks really good. It would be interesting as a video game with those weapons. I look forward to the rest of this mini-series.

RWBY - DC Comics
RWBY – DC Comics

from: Things From Another World

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