Heart Attack #1

Heart Attack 1

Heart Attack #1 is the tale of gene therapy saving lives and curing disease. But this same life saving advancement has produced Variants. People with unique powers that the government considers dangerous. Therefore they stripped these Variants of human rights. The Sefton Smith has started a rebellion called the Freebodies. And as the Variants learn to control their powers, this rebellion could turn to a war.

This was a little more mature than I was expecting. It is like a mature version of X-Men where the Variants (mutants) are just finding their way. So far its just language and violence. So if you’re not concerned about the “F” word and some creative usages of it, this series shouldn’t be a problem. I became interested from the preview. I’ll probably stick with it a while too. The ideas are captivating and I want to see what kind of powers these Variants are going to possess.

VCU detain Nona


Writer: Shawn Kittlesen Artist: Eric Zawadzki
Colors: Michael Garland Letters: Pat Brosseau

Heart Attack #1

This first issue has a lot of action in it. We are dropped in the middle of the rebellion with a couple of Variants vandalizing a Variant Crimes Unit poster in the city. The VCU catches them in the act and capture Nona while Charlie gets away. Charlie sends the video of Nona’s capture to Sefton to show on his Freebodies news channel. But when Charlie comes in contact with one of Sefton’s show hosts, Jill Kearney, they discover they can combine their variations.

The problem is, they were not prepared for their powers to combine. So, Charlie runs away while Jill gives chase. Then they come across the VCU harassing another Variant. They decide to take them on with their new found abilities. They have no idea what they are truly capable of. But the VCU finds out quickly that they are not ready for it.

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