Oblivion Song #21

Oblivion Song 21

Dakuul has taken Lucy and the baby for his own personal experiments in Oblivion Song #21. And with Ed nearly blowing the whole mission, he’s back on Earth with no idea when he will see his wife and kid again. Dakuul makes Lucy believe he is going to help her, but she doesn’t know that he intends to kill her and the baby to study them. But Director Ward has a plan, thanks to the mission Ed and Marco ran to find the faceless men’s base.

Very good action and plot movement in this issue. This is one of my favorite titles on my pull list. Each issue has something substantial going on with little filler. We get to find out more and more about this alternate reality, or whatever Oblivion is, with every panel. If you haven’t read this series yet you need to start. Either pick up a trade or search for single issues. It is really that good. De Felici has created an amazing visual experience. And Kirkman keeps the action rolling.

Ed and Nathan meet with Ward


Writer: Robert Kirkman Artist: Lorenzo De Felici
Colors: Annalisa Leoni Letters: Rus Wooton

Oblivion Song #21

I was so worried after last issue that Lucy was a goner. But luckily for her, another faceless man shows up before Dakuul can get her out of the compound. She slips away while the two of them fight. Meanwhile, Ed is too distraught to notice that Director Ward is building a facility to help infiltrate the faceless men’s compound. They begin missions with Marco to jump over and map out what he finds. His last jump leaves him in a fight with one of the faceless men. He jumps back to Earth bringing him along with him.

Lucy finds and noisy room to hide herself and the baby. But we find out at the end that Keith has found her. With him being so torn between helping his fellow humans, and keeping his family safe, who knows what he will decide from here. Ed and Nathan will have to act fast to save them.

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