Hell Mouth #2

Hell Mouth 2

Buff and Angel are in the Hell Mouth in issue #2 of the Hell Mouth event. The evil from within tries to separate and break them down. But they have to work together if they have any chance to find Drusilla. Can Angel keep what he is from Buffy while they fight off the evil of the Hell Mouth. Plus, Sunnydale is under siege and time is running out.

There was not a ton of plot movement in this issue. The action was pretty good. And the art was amazing. I hope to see more from Carlini. I will say I enjoy the Angel series a little better on its own, Bellaire and Lambert do a good job in this issue. If you are a fan of the Whedonverse, you should be reading both series. Even if you have no idea what the Whedonverse is, but your a fan of horror/vampire stories, you should be reading this. You won’t be too lost with little knowledge of the show and other comics.


Writer: Jordie Bellaire & Jeremy Lambert Artist: Eleonora Carlini
Colors: Cris Peter Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Hell Mouth #2

Some sort of demon or monster has some narration in the beginning. I have to admit I have no idea who it is. Buffy and Angel push forward through Hell to find Drusilla. But Buffy will not bypass other monsters just to get to their goal. Eventually they come face to face with Ulfreth. This demon, or collection of demons, preys on fear. It makes them both see their worst nightmare and separates them.

Fortunately for them, they are both fighters and quickly get reunited. My only guess for the beginning narration would be Ulfreth. Once the push through the illusions, and into a horde of monster, they find Drusilla. But she’s chained up and not at all controlling the monsters like they thought. Drusilla does her normal cryptic riddles. But the last line from the narration is intriguing. “Every pretender killed”. Who are the pretenders?

Hell Mouth - Boom!
Hell Mouth – Boom!

from: Things From Another World

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