Catwoman 17

Catwoman #17

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In this Year of the Villain issue #17 of Catwoman, Selina is faced with her proposition from Lex Luthor. “The Hard Option” has her having to choose between hero and villain. We get a look at what took place at the Lazarus Pit between Selina and Creel from previous issues. And there may also be zombies.

This was a very good issue. I’m glad that we got to go back and see the full story of the Lazarus Pit events. It seemed odd to me the way that went down before. The are is absolutely amazing as always. Jones has incredible page and panel layouts. If I’m honest, I have enjoyed the Catwoman series way more than the Batman main title. But that could just be me.

The Hard Option


Writer: Joelle Jones Artist: Joelle Jones
Colors: Laura Allred Letters: Saida Temofonte

Catwoman #17

We go back to go forward here. Most of this issue is just a more detailed recap of the previous issue. But I think it was much needed. The whole showdown between Raina and Selina is shown. Although Selina in her narration skips over the embarrassing beat down by zombies she took. But who wouldn’t skip over that. Raina Creel uses the pit to resurrect to of her henchmen. This is only after she kills them though. So now she has her resurrected younger son, plus two zombie henchmen by her side.

Luthor is the reason Selina shows up at the Lazarus Pit in the first place. He tries to convince her that she needs to stay in Villa Hermosa. There is nothing in Gotham for her anymore. So she does accept his gift of a map to the Lazarus Pit. And while there, gets beaten badly by Creel’s zombies. So she takes a dip in the Pit herself. And after working to get a location on Creel, she pays a visit to Zatanna for help.


from: Things From Another World

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