Agents of Atlas #4

Agents of Atlas 4

Amadeus Cho has decided to turn down Nguyen’s offer to work for him in Agents of Atlas #4. And Jimmy Woo is still in hiding. “The Portal City of Pan” part 4 leads to more questions than answers. The Agents will have to figure out Nguyen’s secrets on their own. Plus, a confrontation with some Pan guards pits Isaac against Lin Lie and Pearl. The team will have to split into groups if they are going to have a chance to figure out what is really going on.

I really do like all the characters they have put together for this series. But it seems like it’s taking forever to get into any real action. Plus, with a team this big, some characters are not getting much development. This is all understandable though. There is only so much you can put into a single issue. And the characters and story is interesting and mysterious enough to keep my attention. And being only 4 issue in, you can go back and get caught up fairly easy.

Lin and Pearl encounter bullies.


Writer: Greg Pak Artist: Nico Leon & Pop Mhan
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg Letters: Joe Sabino

Agents of Atlas #4

Amadeus pays the other Agents with Jimmy’s money in order to keep them from wanting to work for Nguyen. But before they can enjoy their first paycheck, some guards show up to bully some poor children in the street. This conflict gets the attention of Isaac, who steps in to challenge Lin before finding out what happened. Amadeus, feeling the pressure of all the secrets, assigns teams to different tasks to speed things along.

Luna Snow, Aero and Wave are all put on Dragon duty. They have to monitor Pan for any incoming Dragon activity. Giant-Man gets to question Isaac for any knowledge that he can gain. White Fox is sent to infiltrate Nguyen’s tower while Silk and Brawn go to the Pan Grand Hotel to check on their refugee friends. Shang-Chi is sent to find Jimmy Woo and gets some help form Crescent. He finds that Woo and Nguyen may be working together.

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