X-Men 2

X-Men #2

As an island suddenly appears 100 miles off the coast of Krakoa, the Summers family sets out to investigate in X-Men #2. What is on the island will shock them. Xavier has been assassinated. And Krakoa is on lock-down. So Scott, Rachel and Nathan are tasked with finding out whats on the island. Also why is Krakoa heading straight for it.

I’m starting to think I’m going to need to read all the X-Books to truly follow along. But for now I’m going to continue with just the X-Men and Fallen Angels. At least they put relevant information from the other books at the beginning of each issues. This was very interesting. Even with one of my least favorite X-Men at the center. I’ve never been a Cyclops fan. But he and the Summers family are growing on me under Hickman.

The Summers Family


Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Leinil Francis Yu & Gerry Alanguilan
Colors: Sunny Gho Letters: Clayton Cowles

X-Men #2

Scott begins by asking Rachel and Nathan to accompany him to this new island. Nathan brings along a ton of ammo. They land on the beach of the island and trek through the thick jungle. That it until they encounter a black rhino creature. But that rhino is promptly eaten by a giant squid-like creature. They kill the monster and move on to eventually find a summoner on the island.

This new island is called Arak Maw. And it is home to a nameless summoner. There is also a portal to the lost island of Arakko, but it is closed off. They team makes contact with the summoner of the island. Initially, they cannot communicate. So Nathan decides to give him a gift. Unfortunately, he gives him a thermal grenade. After nearly blowing them all up Rachel has to telepathically connect with the summoner to keep his monsters from killing them all.

Once they can communicate, the summoner explains that the islands of Krakoa and Arak Maw are to become one. And that he is there because Apocalypse is there. Apocalypse is apparently his father. After the meet, Apocalypse vows that he means to save all his children.


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