Fallen Angels #1

Falle Angels 1

Witness the formation of a team of restless mutants lead by Psylocke in Fallen Angels #1. The founding members are Psylocke, Laura Kinney and Nathan Summers. Psylocke is left contemplating whether or not she has a place in paradise. But a vision breaks her meditation. Calling her to leave Krakoa. But after the death of Xavier, (from X-Force #1) no one is allowed to leave. So she has to seek help to sneak out.

I don’t know much about any of the main characters in this book. Laura Kinney I’m a little familiar with from the recent X-23 before Dawn of X. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a little overwhelmed with my lack of background knowledge. Laura seems to have a different personality than before. But I trust Bryan Edward Hill to get things moving quickly. The issue was completely sold out at my LCS so I’m glad I added it to my pull list early.


Writer: Bryan Edward Hill Artist: Syzmon Kudranski
Colors: Frank D’Armata Letters: Joe Sabino

Fallen Angels #1

The whole issue has mingled in flash backs of Psylocke as a young woman. We find out through them that Psylocke had a daughter with a butterfly tattoo that was taken when she was a baby. And the vision she has involves her somehow. And the name Apoth is brought to her attention. Apoth is a tetragrammaton. But before she can do anything about the vision, she has to find a way out of Krakoa.

Her first attempt is asking Magneto. He refuses to give permission but sends her to Sinister saying he will forget the conversation. She also recruits Laura and Cable to go with her. Laura agrees but asks that they let Cable enjoy paradise. That is until they learn that Apoth has created a designer tech drug that is killing people. And they are using children to get Psylocke’s attention.

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