Event Leviathan 6

Event Leviathan #6

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Its the final issue of the mystery thriller mini-series Event Leviathan #6. And the man behind the mask is finally revealed. But this story is far from over. Lois Lanes father is dead because he would not join the ranks of Leviathan. Lois still has to get this story out. Leviathan appears to want to work along side Superman and the Justice League. But their methods may be too extreme for the heroes of Earth to follow.

I have enjoyed this series. It was honestly not as good as I had hoped it would be when it started. I really did dig the art for this type of book though. Maleev did a wonderful job. I stayed confused for most of the issues. There’s a lot of characters I didn’t know history on or much about. But if you had been following all the DC comics before, you were probably not as lost as I was. You can go back to #1 and read the whole mini-series and get caught up. The story continues in Action Comics.

Superman returns to Lois


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Alex Maleev
Colors: Alex Maleev Letters: Josh

Event Leviathan #6

The issue starts kind of in the middle and jumps back and forth between now and flashbacks to the encounter with Leviathan. Superman finds out that the Leviathan leader is Mark Shaw. He is a former Manhunter. If you don’t know what Manhunters are, neither did I. They are a cult that has striven and failed to bring order in the Universe.

Shaw really wants to execute his plan with the help of Superman. Not against him and the rest of Earths heroes. But his plan involves revealing every secret of every government and corporation simultaneously. The plan being to create a better world without secrets. When Superman and the rest refuse, Shaw then decides to burn the world in order to rebuild it. The story continues in Action Comics.

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