Black Stars Above #1

Black Stars Above 1

Black Stars Above #1 follows a woman named Eulalie Dubois and her family of fur traders. Its 1887 in the dead of Winter. And the fur trade is drying up as the demand for Beaver garments dwindles. Plus the animals of the woods are disappearing. Eulalie desperately wants to get away from her father’s land and see the world. She may just get her chance. But there’s something sinister going on in the woods that lead to the North Town.

There was a lot packed in this issue. It took a little bit to get through. A lot of the issue was journal entries more than dialogue. But it was a really well written issue. It sucked me in from the beginning. Jenna Cha has a magnificent debut as illustrator. And Lonnie Nadler writes a great first issue. I can’t wait to find out what is in store for Eulanie. This issue comes with the Mature Readers tag but there wasn’t a ton of mature content. There was some gore with killing and skinning animals but that was about it.

Unknown fur trapper


Writer: Lonnie Nadler Artist: Jenna Cha
Colors: Brad Simpson Letters: Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou

Black Stars Above #1

Eulalie want to get far away from her fathers land. The winter is getting harsh and they have nothing to trade for supplies. But she does not like her father’s plan to save the family. He has arranged for her to be married to a man named Joseph Hayes. In exchange, William Hayes will give her father a job and Joseph and Eulalie will live on her land. So in her trip to town to trade, an opportunity arises that may give her a way out.

While in town, she is only able to trade for two dollars worth of credit. The trading post does not accept furs and the moccasins Eulalie traded last time have still not moved. On her way back home, an English speaking man stops her and asks her to deliver a package for him. He offers two hundred dollars after the completion of the delivery. But she’s not allowed to look in the package. After she accepts and begins walking away, the man utters a peculiar phrase. “May the black start guide your way”.

So after eating at home and another discussion about the arranged marriage, Eulalie sets out through the woods. In the black of night, in blistering cold, she has to stop for camp. She has been hearing an noise like a voice. And as she looks in the sky, she sees a black star. Startled, Eulalie decides to open the package. What’s inside shows her visions of beginnings and endings. Life and death.

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