Fantastic Four #16

Fantastic Four 16

The Fantastic Four are separated on an alien planet in Fantastic Four #16. In fact, it’s the alien planet they were headed to when they were first exposed to cosmic rays. In Point of Origin part three, they have to find a way to reconnect with each other. Johnny is with his apparent soul-mate. Reed and Sue are basically imprisoned in a tower. And Ben is in the Lowtown with a few hundred angry mutants. Spyre’s best heroes against the Fantastic Four.

This story arc has been pretty fun. Izaakse art is different from the rest of the series. I’m not sure I dig the Reed look. Everything else is good though. I recommend going back to the beginning of the arc if you’re trying to get into the series now. But we are only 16 issues in to the relaunch so you could feasibly go back to issue #1 and get more back story. The Fantastic Four are a Marvel staple so its always a good idea to keep up with this super hero family.

Ever lovin Blue Eyed Thing


Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Sean Izaakse
Colors: Marcio Menyz Letters: Joe Caramagna

Fantastic Four #16

So Johnny has found his soul-mate. At least according to the Overseer’s life scanner. But there is still the fact that she is still more loyal to Spyre and the Overseer than Johnny. Reed and Sue are captive, but they figure out the history of this apparent Utopia. And the Overseer has a secret that he’s willing to kill to protect. But they weren’t ready for Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.

Meanwhile, Ben fights his way through 500 of Lowtown’s biggest and baddest. But their leader, King Scrum, waits until last to show his face. It doesn’t matter though. Ben beat the Hulk, Scrum is no match. After the fight, the people of Lowtown proclaim Ben their new King. But he’s more worried about leading them out of Lowtown, back to their rightful home. All while rejoining his family in Hightown.

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