Amazing Spider-Man #33

Amazing Spider-Man 33

Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man from 2099 is racing to find Peter in 2019 in Amazing Spider-Man #33. But he’s not exactly sure why he is trying to find Peter. And he needs to get his wits about him before the future is doomed. Plus Silver Sable has Peter pinned down after the Foreigner made a deal for the infinity formula with Chameleon. Point Blank is the title of this issue and Sable has Peter at point blank now.

There is just a ton of stuff going on in Amazing Spider-Man. There’s almost no cohesion and flow to the story. And I’ve said a hundred time’s I’m not a big fan of multiple events and crossovers back to back. Still, it was a good read. I’m not familiar with Silver Sable or Foreigner for that matter so I get some new characters to look up.

Standoff with Silver Sable


Writer: Nick Spencer Artist: Patrick Gleason
Colors: Matthew Wilson Letters: Joe Caramagna

Amazing Spider-Man #33

We start off with Miguel O’Hara waking up disoriented again. He continues to try and make his way to Peter even if he doesn’t know why. But the bulk of the story is around Silver Sable. The reason she and Foreigner were trying to get their hands on infinity formula is she is dying. And her political rival, Countess Karkov, is set to take over if people find that out.

The Silver Sable pointing a gun at Spidey was a robot. But even with the formula, she will have to take doses for life, if it works at all. Chameleon spills the beans to Karkov about Sable’s condition. Prompting her to set up an assassination attempt on Doom. Spidey gets back to Empire State late for class. But he finds out his lab partner has invented a device to predict the future by peering into the multiverse. I’m guessing that’s why the future is in trouble. People are always messing with the multiverse.

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