Amazing Spider-Man #32

Amazing Spider-Man 32
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Peter Parker is back in school at Empire State University in Amazing Spider-Man #32. But there’s so much going on he’s having trouble focusing. And now there is something going wrong in 2099. This is the first issue of the 2099 even involving Amazing Spider-Man and other Marvel titles. The future is in trouble and they need Peter Parker to help save it.

I’m doing to be real honest. This is yet another big Amazing Spider-Man even that I just don’t care for. There is so much going on with Spider-Man that I just don’t want to wrap my head around another issue a week event. Patrick Gleason comes on from the Distinguished Competition as artist. The art is a little dark too me for a Spider-Man book but it’s still good. And don’t get me wrong, the story is not bad. But is feels like the main story is always getting put on hold for these events.

Teresa and Peter meet up


Writer: Nick Spencer Artist: Patrick Gleason
Colors: Matthew Wilson Letters: Joe Caramagna

Amazing Spider-Man #32

Peter gets interrupted in his group at school by his sister, Teresa. She’s a spy that had a mission involving Spider-Man end tragically. But she has a lead on Chameleon and wants revenge. Chameleon is selling some infinity formula to the Foreigner. The Foreigner is prepared for Spidey’s arrival but Spidey still has things under control. That is until Silver Cable shows up.

This brings us to 2099. The Spider-Man in the future, Miguel O’Hara has fallen out of the sky onto an oil platform. The problem is he is hurt and disoriented. He doesn’t know why he’s there. Only that he needs to get to Peter.

Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man

from: Things From Another World

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