Batman #82

Batman #82

Bruce and Selina are set to take down Bane once and for all in Batman #82. But the plan to contain Thomas Wayne did not go as planned. So they have to execute their plan quickly. Bane may have met his match in the duo of Bat and Cat.

To be honest, the story is still taking baby steps. I like it. I think the end is going to be epic. But it is taking so long its a little frustrating. The art is good. Dark and gritty and fitting for the City of Bane story. I’m just a little ready for Batman to go back to monthly. That way maybe there is more action packed into each issue.

No masks


Writer: Tom King Artist: Mikel Janin
Colors: Jordie Bellaire Letters: Clayton Cowles

Batman #82

So Bat and Cat trick Bane into a fight with no masks and no help what-so-ever. But its all a lie. The just use the trick to get him to take out his enhancements. But even still, Bane almost gets both of them down. Selina gives Bane a good run for his money and ends up ripping his tung out. And just when Bruce is about to break Bane’s back, Thomas show up. A shot rings out and Bruce is hit. The next shot is for Bane.

And that’s basically all the action. Yes there is the OMG factor of Bruce and Bane getting shot. Not to mention Selina ripping out Bane’s tung. But that’s if for the issue. Unless Tom King is really going to kill Bruce and bring in another Batman. Then I might change my mind about the whole story arc. And I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.


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