The Last God #1

The Last God 1

The Last God #1 introduces us to the world of Cain Anuun. We are given the history of a dark God that terrorized the realm and nearly destroyed all the people groups in it. Mol Uhltep caused a pestilence named the Plague of Flowers to consume the land. This plague cause men to become reanimated through vines, ash and rotten flesh. Until a group of heroes composed of people from each nation climbed the black stair to slay the God.

Now this is a mature book that I don’t usually read. It’s just not my thing. But my collection was sorely missing a fantasy comic so I thought I’d check it out. So for, it’s just some R rated language and gore. And the story and world are set up really nicely. I’m excited to read more. So if you don’t mind a little blood, guts and language, it’s a pretty good read.

Cain Anuun's heroes


Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Artist: Riccardo Federici
Colors: Sunny Gho Letters: Tom Napolitano

The Last God #1

There are four races or nation that compose Cain Anuun. The empire of men, the Aelvan Nations, Guild Eldritch, the Dwarrows, and the Rivermen. The Empire of Men represented by King Tyr and Queen Cyanthe. The first amoung the Aelva is Veikko Al Mun. Skol the All-Wise commands the  mysteries of the Guild Eldritch. Jorunn is the greatest of the Darrows. And Haakon the Shamed was the leader of the Rivermen but he is apparently a traitor to the others.

Since the end of the Plague of Flowers, Tyr and Cyanthe have ruled over the nation of men. They hold celebrations with gladiators reenacting their battle with Mol Uhltep. But something is off since the other heroes don’t even show for the celebration. And one of the gladiators wins his 60th battle, earning his freedom. But something happens to King Tyr and he leaves the stadium. Then Queen Cyanthe seems to recognize the gladiator and refuses to grant his freedom.

The we find out that the god of the Void is not dead. But King Tyr and the others have lied about their battle to the whole realm. And now Mol Uhltep has taken the King’s Body to unleash his Plague of Flowers once more.

The Last God
The Last God

from: Things From Another World

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