NC Comicon 2019 Wrap Up

NC Comicon Bull City

NC Comicon – Bull City has wrapped up and I actually was able to make it this year. It was held at the Durham Convention center over the weekend of Nov 8-10. We had a good time seeing all the costumes and meeting some of the artists. But being a two hour drive we were only able to go one day. So Sunday we packed up our Spider-Family costumes and headed to Durham.


NC Comicon Cosplay Highlights

First off, my son was dressed as Mile Morales and he got a ton of love from other kids at the Con. And he got to also take some pictures with others. That was probably his favorite part. Here are some of the people we met.

CarnageSpider-PunkCaptain America

Convention Dogs

We saw a ton of cool cosplay but these were our favorites. Tope’s next favorite thing at the Con were the Con-Dogs. We were fortunate to get a chance to talk to the people at Operation Sidekick. This was the Conventions choice charity. They are dedicated to providing service dogs to veterans at no cost. So if you get a chance to donate or help out, check them out.

Plus I’m pretty sure my son got a picture with Greg Cipes (voice of Beast Boy and Michelangelo) and his dog. One of Operation Sidekick’s pit-bulls was named Blue and was dressed as Raven from Teen Titans. Another we caught walking around dress as Krypto.

Greg Cipes' dogTope and BlueKrypto

NC Comicon – The Creators

We stopped by a bunch of tables and saw the artists prints and comics. We stood in line for about an hour and fifteen minutes for Kevin Eastman and Tope had enough. It was really cool that he spent time with each fan though. I got my Batman #81 signed by Mitch Gerads, as well as a large Batman print. It’s pretty dope. We say Becky Cloonan, Amanda Conner and Tini Howard at their tables. I looked for James O’Barr several times but I missed him each time.

We had a great time and learned a lot in the process. Only being our second Convention ever we know some better ways to go about things. Hopefully next year we will get more than one day there.

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