Invisible Woman #4

Invisible Woman #4

Sue Storm has been captured by the man she thought she was trying to save in Invisible Woman #4. Now she has to figure out why she was lured there in the first place. After being ambushed with a sonic device, she regains consciousness in her capture’s hideout. But she can’t see. And without knowing her surroundings, she can’t use her powers to fight back. Or can she.

This is an amazing series. De Iulis’ art absolutely stands out as some of the best of any comic I’m reading. Plus it’s a side of Sue Storm that I’m not personally used to. We get to see her stand out in a spy adventure and highlight her true abilities. Its an excellent read and with the final issue being #5, you can binge the whole mini-series. Or grab the trade when it comes out.

Sue fights back


Writer: Mark Waid Artist: Mattia De Iulis
Colors: Mattia De Iulis Letters: Joe Caramagna

Invisible Woman #4

Waking up with no sight is unnerving at first. But once Sue gets her bearings she seems to gain some control of the situation. All she needs is to coax the nature of her blindness out of Octavia Vetivier and she is free. Aiden and Octavia are unaware that Sue can still concentrate and see shapes of refracted cosmic rays in the environment. And once she has the upper hand they tell her their mission.

The Li-Fi technology that Octavia and Demosthenes Nox had invented can be used to steal any information at the speed of light. But each person only has half of the technology. And they both want it all. So in order to save the kids held hostage, she and Aiden will have to steal Nox’s half. And Sue learns that Aiden has become a true psychopath without her to balance him. On one mission, he killed a nine year old girl he mistook for a tail.

Sue really has no choice but to get to Nox and steal his tech. But once they have it, Maria Hill shows up and destroys the only chance Sue has of saving the kids. And she’s about to be arrested for treason.

Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman

from: Things From Another World

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