Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 13
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Peter Parker has reached out to the Fantastic Four to help him with his recent assassination attempt in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13. He had recently helped Leilani escape from Under York and her father, Carrick, is out for revenge. The dictator of the city under Manhattan will not stop until he has killed the hero that embarrassed him. But after faking his own death, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four have the element of surprise.

This series delivers with every issue. And I’m not even exaggerating. The art in this issue is not my favorite but it’s still pretty good. The story is awesome though. I think the lighthearted humor of Spider-Man is captured extremely well. And the series has hit on some super deep topics as well. From Japanese internment camps to cancer. I recommend starting from the start of this run at #1 or just grab the next available at your LCS. It’s that good of a series.

Spider-Man and Reed Richards


Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Ken Lashley & More
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg Letters: Travis Lanham

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four go to see Leilani and get some information on her father. She agrees to help go after the dictator, but not if her children are put in danger. Reed and Sue leave Tierra and Jasper with Franklin and Val while they go to Under York. Plus Reed is really interested in learning more about the city.

Once down there, Peter and Reed figure out a way to remotely disable the Under York Army’s weapons. This prompted the science five from the picture. Ben lures the army into the open and Reed fries their technology. In a last ditch effort to keep his city from falling into someone else’s hands, Carrick begins a self destruct sequence. Johnny has to retrieve the bomb from a lava pit. And Reed and Peter walk him through the disarming sequence. Prompting yet another science five.

Now that the city under Manhattan is free, Leilani and her children are able to return and rule over it. And Spider-Man becomes Jasper’s third favorite super-hero. Behind Johnny and Ben of course.

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