Ghost-Spider #3

Ghost-Spider #4

Gwen Stacy is loving her new life as a college student in Ghost-Spider #3. Plus she is able to balance her time between college and superhero at home. She hasn’t even missed band practice. But all may not be as it seems. Her new friends could have some dark secrets. And Man-Wolf is not done yet.

I’m so glad I picked this series up when they reset the issues. I love the character and how she and Peter are written so far. The story is well paced and the art is fantastic. If you’re looking to get into Ghost-Spider, you can just go back and grab issues 1 & 2. Or you can go back further to the Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider issue that were before. Either way, I highly recommend this series. Spoilers ahead if you are interested in reading the issue first.

Gwen goes back to Earth-65


Writer: Seanan McGuire Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa & Rosi Kampe
Colors: Ian Herring Letters: Clayton Cowles

Ghost-Spider #4

Gwen has everything going her way right now. She is learning a lot of interesting things at Empire State University. She’s still able to balance her life on Earth-65, including the band. And Man-Wolf is quiet, at least for now. But her newest friend on Earth-616 has some ulterior motives. Benji is working to gather information on her for The Jackal.

Too make things worse, Man-Wolf is also working with Earth-65’s Jackal to strengthen his power. Once Benji finds out that Gwen is a superhero that can travel dimensions, she reports back to her boss. And now Earth-616’s Jackal knows her secret.

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