Angel #5

Angel 5
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Angel is busy in Sunnydale trying to close the Hellmouth in Angel #5. But Gunn and Fred are still in Los Angeles with a mission of their own. Gunn gets formally introduced to Lilith. She has a special mission for the two of them involving none other than Spike. He’s now in Los Angeles after Drusilla stabbed him in Sunnydale to open the Hellmouth.

Bryan Edward Hill and Gleb Melnikov are my current dynamic duo in comics. As far as the Buffyverse, Angel has become my favorite of the two series. Which is the opposite of when the show was running. If you’re not familiar with the show, don’t worry. You can jump in on this comic series and not be lost. The characters are re-imagined in the modern world. There may be some references you miss but I don’t think anything will leave you scratching your head. Spoilers ahead so turn back if you’re planning to pick up this issue.

Spike destroys a car and walks away


Writer: Bryan Edward Hill Artist: Gleb Melnikov
Colors: Roman Titov Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Angel #5

Spike is in L.A. after Drusilla’s betrayal. It seemed pretty minor to me since he can’t be killed from a simple stab wound. But he’s pretty broken up about it. Spike was by far my favorite character in the show so I’m super interested in how he’s going to be developed it these two series.

Gunn meets Fred and Lilith. Lilith explains that she can help Gunn find the vampire that killed his cousin. But first he has to find Spike. They all head to a night club where Spike is wallowing in self-pity. But they are not the only ones looking for him.

Some worshipers of Baphomet attempt to sacrifice Spike to their lord. But Gunn steps in and puts a stop to it. Knowing that Gunn may not be a friendly face, Spike makes a run for it. But Lilith and Gunn stop him before he gets too far. Unfortunately though, the Baphomet worshipers capture Fred in the confusion.


from: Things From Another World

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