Agents of Atlas #3

Agents of Atlas #3

The PAN portals are still operating in Agents of Atlas #3. But the free period is about to expire and there are still giant reptiles plaguing some refugees. The Agents do not trust the creator of PAN, Mike Nguyen. Nor do they trust Isaac Ikeda, the protector of PAN. But so far they have no evidence of anything but Nguyen wanting to become a billionaire.

The story is moving a little slow in part 3 of “The Portal City of PAN”. And with such a big team, it’s going to be hard to develop each character. On top of that, there is a little more focus on the romances than the super-heroing than I would prefer. For me, the highlights of the series are Silk and Shang-Chi character wise. There is just enough mystery to leave me wanting to read more.

Agents discuss working for Nguyen


Writer: Greg Pak Artist: Nico Leon
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg Letters: Joe Sabino

Agents of Atlas #3

After the Dragons are defeated, Luna Snow and Amadeus are caught on camera kissing. Nguyen uses this in a marketing video as he announces the end of the free trail of PAN. Snow demands he take it down as she is under contract to not date. Also, it’s not good for the leader of a superhero team to be dating another member. But this is all interrupted by large serpents and iguanas attacking refugees again.

Once the serpents and iguanas are dealt with. Nguyen invites the refugees to stay at his hotel. This is only after the PAN guard almost arrest them. Nguyen offers to pay the team to protect PAN, but the mistrust is so deep that Amadeus decides to investigate Nguyen and not accept his money. Plus, Jimmy Woo and what his connection with the Dragon Lao are still a mystery. As well as what their plans are for the Agents of Atlas.

Agents of Atlas
Agents of Atlas

from: Things From Another World

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