Action Comics #1016

Action Comics #1016

Naomi is at the Hall of Justice getting checked out by Batman and the others in Action Comics #1016. And Superman faces the Red Cloud in Metropolis. His last show down with the Red Cloud did not go very well, but maybe he has learned from that fight. Also, Batman tries to understand Naomi’s Alpha powers. And how they can help her control them.

“Coming of Age” is well written and has a different than normal perspective. The Daily Planet reporter Trish Q is interview witnesses after the events that took place. Action Comics is my favorite Superman book going right now. I think the artwork is my favorite part. Kudranski captures the mood of this sort of gritty perspective of Superman. If you’re looking to jump in to this series. It’s hard to say when to do that. You could try and go back to issue 1000 but that’s a lot of issues. Issue #1015 introduces Naomi to Action Comics so I’d suggest starting there.

Trish Q interviews witnesses


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Szyon Kudranski
Colors: Brad Anderson Letters: Dave Sharpe

Action Comics #1016

For most of the issue, you get the perspective of finding out the story from Trish Q’s witnesses. They were all a little concerned that this villain they hadn’t heard of actually took on Superman. Not only did they take him on, she was winning. That is until Naomi showed up.

Batman is still examining Naomi when the news shows what’s going on with the Red Cloud and Superman. He send the call out to the Justice League but no one is answering. He also tells Naomi that she can’t go to help, but seems amused when she disobeys. The combo of Naomi and Superman causes the Red Cloud to disappear. And then Superman and Batman set up a S.T.A.R. Labs outpost in Oregon to keep watch for dimensional rifts.

Plus, Marisol Leone and Mr. Strong have a meeting concerning the Red Cloud’s jacked up powers. They know that Luthor is the one behind her new strength. So with that, the criminal underground in Metropolis declare war.

Action Comics
Action Comics

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